Topor for Annaprashan

Sholapith Topor – Bengali Handicraft 

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Link for Placing Order –—Kids)-Annaprashan 

Topor for annaprashan
Topor for annaprashan

Topor is a traditional wedding head gear for Bengali grooms . Its made of Shola or it can be categorized under sholapith items. This particular item is for the infants / kids used in certain Bengali ceremony – ” annaprashan ” .

Note : Image of “Topor ” may not be identical to the product delivered because same replica is never made by the artisan.


2 thoughts on “Topor for Annaprashan”

  1. Yes Madam they are fabulous . Topor is used at the time of “Annaprashan” – Rice eating ceremony in Bengali Culture . During Bengali Marriages groom is required to wear “Topor” .
    In Bengali people say – “মুকুট তাকেই বলে যেটা পড়লেই ছেলেরা বোকা বেনে যায়”

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