Uttarayana  Sankranti – Ganga Sagar Mela  -Pithey-Puli-Payesh 

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Makar Shankranti, A major fiesta celebrated in various parts of India. In Bengal it is Poush Shankranti and in some cases is also called as Poush Parbon, and it’s the finishing of Bengali Calendar The month of “Poush”.  For all Hindu Bengalis its auspicious period.


During this period Hindus and Bengalis prepare sweet consisting of Rice , Khejur Gur – Patali Gur , Milk and Khoya etc   and these ingredients are available in plenty during the winter  . Most of these sweets get a name “Pitha “   . Some of the Sweets / Mishti are “Patishapta, Puli, Dudh Puli “. Plenty of other varieties of Pithe, Puli and Payesh are made and in most of the sweets, Patali Gur or Khejur Gur or Nolen Gur is incorporated.


Apart from Pithey-Puli-Payesh Bengali Home is decorated with Alpona .

Cows are being worshipped and fed and many more more rituals are followed .

Makar Shankaranti or Shankaranti is considered as auspicious day for Hindu people all over the world and is celebrated and followed through various traditions.

During this period at Ganga-Sagar a place in West Bengal   (Confluence of Ganga and Bay of Bengal) a big fair takes place (Ganga-Sagar Mela).

Hindus from all over the world arrive @ Ganga-Sagar to take holy dip and wash their sins….. Like Kumbh Mela at Prayag or Allahabad where Hindus gather and take holy dip.

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