Gandhoraj Lime

Gandhoraj Lebu – King Of Good Limes

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Noooooo ……. We are not talking about King Of Good Times ….


Gandhoraj - Purwaaii Excusive


King of Flavors and King of Good Limes is Gandhoraj Lebu . Many times its thought that Bhapa Ilish gets its status with Gandhoraj Lebu.  Gandhoraj has many uses in the Culinary world and especially in Bengali Cuisine . Many excerpts has written about  Gandhoraj Lime or Lebu what ever …. Experts also claim that Thai people have Kaffir , Caribbeans do have Lime .. Bengalis do have Gandhoraj Lebu ..

Its claimed by some experts  that its Rangpur  Lime a place in East Bengal .

Purwaaii Kitchen gondhoraj lebu

Bengal Online – Purwaaii.Com  makes it available online for rest of India. Please Log On to and place your order. You may find the price bit on the higher side and is all due to the courier cost – Express Delivery by Blue Dart.

purwaaii lebu gandho raj


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