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Nolen Gur or Jhola Gur


Nolen Gur … Online … from Bengal Online – .. Tenth Year in Progress …. and a message of warning for customers from adulterated Patali Gur …

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Nolen Gur – Miel de palma

Otherwise Known as Palm Syrup or Date Palm Syrup is available online at or now being produced and procured from Basirhat  (বসিরহাট) a town in West Bengal near Bangladesh Border.
In Bengal Palm Date Syrup is known as Jhola Gur or Jhola Nolen or Some Times Nolen . Nolen Gur is produced at Canary Islands other than West Bengal and Bangladesh . 
Nolen Gur pre preparation of Date palm Tree fro the production of best quality Sap has already started.

Sealdah a part of Kolkata is flooded with Nolen – Jhola Gur during the season and sometimes before the season with adulterated , chemical infused Jaggery syrup with lot of synthetic essence. Getting pure Nolen gur is a matter of luck now days . It has become a matter of past and mostly the duplicate or synthetic nolen – Jhola gur is purchased out of compulsion and in  a hurry to buy the product first. 

People hardly wait for the season to start and the production to take place . Farmers wait for the right kind of condition to extract the sap but customers do have little patience and in the bargain unscrupulous elements take the advantage of selling wrong adulterated chemical essence infused product which is highly damaging . 

Due to disturbance in weather pattern it is seen last few years the onset of winter is little late and the product comes very late . Low temperature weather is the right condition for the production sap and then the patali gur and then the nolen – jhola gur .
Purwaaii.Com is procuring  from its sources from Basirhat and is available at better price than others  at
Customers may proceed to have their share of Nolen- Jhola Gur and make their stock for sankranti and other occasions . 

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Nolen Gur


Absolut Patali

Absolut Patali

No Chemical added … Simply Organic 

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Undoubtedly the best in the market from  Rajshahi , Bangladesh a province well Known for its production of date palm Jaggery . 

Our apologies to our customers that this product has come very late to us . Initially we have served you the product available locally . The  Rajshahi product is undoubtedly the best in its class and therefore we call it Absolute Patali .
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Please click on Absolute Patali  to make online purchase available only in India. : Absolut Patali

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Get Your Share of absolut patali before the season is over  and please void last minute sankranti rush . We also would like to add that the Patali Gur we are shipping now is undoubtedly the best and the best compared to any online store ….

Please remember we are not seller  aggregator like etc etc … and no dash-haat … we are having our own procurement and production along with farms and farmers … 

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