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Ilish dry or Nona Ilish is very much famous in both the Bengal. Nona Ilish is salt treated  Ilish or Hilsa in earthen pot or terracotta pot and comes into existence when Fresh Ilish is not available. But Nona Ilish gives the same taste as fresh Ilish or little tastier than the fresh one. The fisherman sun dries the Ilish and preserves them with Salt. The Fisherman makes layers of Ilish Fish and Salt one over another and places in earthen pot till its filled and then finally the top is filled with salt. The pot is placed below the earth for preservation process to complete.

The fish can be prepared by different types of masala including shorshe preparations. But be informed that Nona Ilish or Sun dried Ilish contains high amount of salt and needs washing in hot water and of course no additional salt to be used during the cooking. Soak the fish in l water and change of water is required every 2-3 hours. Repeat the process at least 2 times to get rid of extra salt which is very important.


There are few who soak the Nona Ilish in hot water and change water till the salt content is reduced.  NO – salted Ilish does not smell like any other dry fish. It does not even smell like fermented. It is same as fresh Ilish and taste the same. Please do not treat Nona Ilish like dry fish of shutki fish and if you are you will be doing great injustice to Nona Ilish which again a Bengali or Bangal delicacy in both the Bengal.

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There are several recipes available on-line which will help in preperation of famous and delicate fish. Plesae refer the following links OR google for best receipes.

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Bandel or Bandal cheese is a Local Portuguese cheese made in Bengal where Portuguese settlement in Bengal existed and perhaps the last few traces of Portuguese culinary expertise / cuisine . (Bandel is located  50 Kms North Of Kolkata)

There are two types of bandel cheese Smoked and salted




Usage Tips :

Bandel or Bandal or Bundle cheese are  round shaped  cheese and are dry,  little high in salt content  and it crumbles . They are of two varieties – plain and smoked. Name of the cheese comes from the place of origin — Bandel, a small town 50 kms north of  Kolkataformerly a  Portuguese colony in India apart from Goa. Soak in water for a sometime so that is softens . Users may add Bandel  cheese with some crumbled paneer for a salted / savoury fillingOr sprinkle on a salad or pasta.


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