Himsagar Mango

Kings of Mangoes – Himsagar

Malda Mangoes – No Calcium Carbide

Buy Himsagar Online

Purwaaii brings you the most surpassing mango in Taste and Flavor and the favourite among Bengali . It is believed that Himsagar Mango originates from Rajshahi District of Bangaldesh . In Malda district of West Bengal and Rajshahi Himsagar is know as Khirsapat ( খিরসাপাত ) . In Dhaka the famous mango gets its name ” Himsagar” .

Himsagar is the most popular mango widely cultivated in Malda (মালদামালদহ )  district of West Bengal , India.  In terms of taste and aroma Himsagar is considered as the best and King of all Mangoes – ( Cultivators often say ) .

Himsagar Mango has travelled far in the Europe , Latin America and Russia because of its demand. Himsagar is an export quality Mango .

Weight of Himsagra varies between 250gms-350 gms. Content of the pulp is 77 percent -Season – May . No Fibre

Malda Himsagar by Purwaaii.Com
Himsagar by Purwaaii.Com


Malda is famous for other Mangoes also like Fazli, Lakkhanbhog ( Lakshman Bhog ), Gopal Bhog, Rakhalbhog, Langra


Purwaii presents Himsagar Mangoes for Online Purchase and Delivery to all major cities of India. We must say that Purwaaii deals with Natural ripened Mango and strictly no use of Calcium carbide / Chemicals . 





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