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Want to reach out to Kolkata for your daily needs from another state or county? Whether you are a Bengali or a former domicile of West Bengal everyone gets connected to the culture, art, and the Bengali cuisine. Being away from Bengal and your six month old baby’s first rice ceremony, and you don’t know where to shop for his topor, dhuti punjabi, ingredients for your little one’s first nolen gurer payesh (rice kheer with date palm sap)? Don’t worry just login and order online at and all your products will be delivered at your door step. Purwaai brings a wide range of daily need bengal products starting from clothes, handicrafts, food, books and CDs right within your reach. One stop online shopping solution for authentic bengal cotton sarees, nolen gur, motor daal, tal michri, dokra craft, shantiniketan bags, sona mukhi daal and the list goes on….. Purwaai eliminates the out of place feeling for all probashee bengalis and former domicile of Bengal, and helps you to create that mini bengal in your household “A bengal home away from home”. To know more about the range of Purwaai products available just login to and sign up with Purwaai and start re-creating “A bengal home away from home”.

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Nolen Gur

Nolen Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup – End of Season..and Experience of Good Bad and Ugly

Yes it is almost the end of season … Few more days for the Nolen Gur .

We thank all our customers for placing their order online and hopefully we have met their expectations. Our special thanks to our Team members.. Kunal and Piyali  who has done excellent work this season. This year for the first time we could device the supply of Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup which was a difficult task all these years. Inspite of problems being faced from the shipping companies we could do well . Shipping companies in Eastern are a big failure due their work culture and lack of professionalism. Thanks to our Farmer cum suppliers from Bashirhaat and Malda….

This year we classified our product into

Nolen Gur – Regular ( Good )

Nolen Gur – Superior ( Better )

Nolen Gur – Premium ( Best )

We came across many customers who are very good and Majority of them are good and enjoy our product .. few have complaints which we look into it  and resolve … few are bad who look for some reason to get refund after consuming the product .. and few are Ugly .. hurling abuses proving their status and education …

But its all in the game … if you get into a pool then never be scared of getting wet…

Once again we wish to highlight that Patali Gur – Nolen Gur – Jhola Gur all these products are highly perishable and cannot be stored for the remaining year … Pls buy Online  at

Here are few photographs which shows the extraction of sap … preparation of Plam Tree for Sap


Above – Farmer Climbing the Plam Tree for preparation of sap collection …



Above – Farmer Preparing the Tree for Sap




Above – Collection in Process




Above – After collection of Sap … and brought down from the Tree  …





Above – Removal of dirt and unwanted particles from the Sap…


Patali Gur - Khejur Gur

Above – Large Collection of Sap




Above – After boiling at High Temperature you get … Molasses …




Above – Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup



Above –  Patali Gur obtained after the Solidification process by Incorporating Sugar in Little quantity ….


But its loses its flavor and taste if sugar incorporation is high for higher monetary benefits by  unfaithful Farmers ….


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Nolen Gur – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup – Buy Online

Nolen Gur Online


Nolen Gur Jhola Gur , Palm Syrup or  … Miel de palma whatever you call is queen of all flavor and taste . Its also known to be used in canary Island and in some regions of South America … Surprising . All these days  we knew that its a Bengali product and a Bengali favorite .

Winter is the period when the produce takes place and Bengali people start collection of the same and is used till March . Winter is so special in Bengal in terms of culinary delights it sweet or any other items .

We have been trying to device Nolen Gur / Jhola Gur  for shipping from last few years ..  Finally we have been able to ship it across India .

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Bengal Online – Reopened

Dear Customers ,

We are extremely sorry that we were close . We were under renovation and up-gradation and it has been completed . It took little more than expected . Now we are open and would  serve you better than before . Pls log on to  and shop .
Team – Purwaaii

Gandhoraj Lime

Gandhoraj Lebu – King Of Good Limes

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Noooooo ……. We are not talking about King Of Good Times ….


Gandhoraj - Purwaaii Excusive


King of Flavors and King of Good Limes is Gandhoraj Lebu . Many times its thought that Bhapa Ilish gets its status with Gandhoraj Lebu.  Gandhoraj has many uses in the Culinary world and especially in Bengali Cuisine . Many excerpts has written about  Gandhoraj Lime or Lebu what ever …. Experts also claim that Thai people have Kaffir , Caribbeans do have Lime .. Bengalis do have Gandhoraj Lebu ..

Its claimed by some experts  that its Rangpur  Lime a place in East Bengal .

Purwaaii Kitchen gondhoraj lebu

Bengal Online – Purwaaii.Com  makes it available online for rest of India. Please Log On to and place your order. You may find the price bit on the higher side and is all due to the courier cost – Express Delivery by Blue Dart.

purwaaii lebu gandho raj


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