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Nolen Gurer Rasogolla

Nolen Gurer Rasogolla

Nolen Gur the Palm Date Jaggery which  makes all the difference . We all know about Rasgulla which is made out of cottage cheese “Chana”or Chana”  dipped in Sugar Syrup. Just think if it is made out of  Pam Date Jaggery and dipped in Date Palm Jaggery . Origin of Rasgulla or Rasogolla is disputed. Some say it originated from Odisha and others say its from Bengal.
Irrespective of its origin Rasgulla or Rasogolla is the King of Sweets / Desserts. But to our understanding who owns Rasgulla doesn’t matter …. Keep enjoying the Rasgulla especiall the Nolen Gur Rasgulla ….

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#Winter Special from Bengal

Nolen Gur surpassing all taste during the season

Nolen Gur or Jhola Gur

Nolen Gur … Online … from Bengal Online – ..Second Year in Progress …. and a message of warning for customers …

Fresh Nolen Gur for shipping

Nolen Gur – Miel de palma

Lowest price 
Otherwise Known as Palm Syrup or Date Palm Syrup is available online at or now being produced and procured from Basirhat  (বসিরহাট) a town in West Bengal near Bangladesh Border.
In Bengal Palm Date Syrup is known as Jhola Gur or Jhola Nolen or Some Times Nolen . Nolen Gur is produced at Canary Islands other than West Bengal and Bangladesh . 

Sealdah a part of Kolkata is flooded with Nolen – Jhola Gur during the season and sometimes before the season with adulterated , chemical infused Jaggery syrup with lot of synthetic essence. Getting pure Nolen gur is a matter of luck now days . It has become a matter of past and mostly the duplicate or synthetic nolen – Jhola gur is purchased out of compulsion and in  a hurry to buy the product first. 

People hardly wait for the season to start and the production to take place . Farmers wait for the right kind of condition to extract the sap but customers do have little patience and in the bargain unscrupulous elements take the advantage of selling wrong adulterated chemical essence infused product which is highly damaging . 

Due to disturbance in weather pattern it is seen last few years the onset of winter is little late and the product comes very late . Low temperature weather is the right condition for the production sap and then the patali gur and then the nolen – jhola gur .
Purwaaii.Com is procuring  from its sources from Basirhat and is available at better price than others  at
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Nolen Gur

Absolut Patali

Absolut Patali

No Chemical added … Simply Organic 

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Undoubtedly the best in the market from  Rajshahi , Bangladesh a province well Known for its production of date palm Jaggery . 

Our apologies to our customers that this product has come very late to us . Initially we have served you the product available locally . The  Rajshahi product is undoubtedly the best in its class and therefore we call it Absolute Patali .
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Please remember we are not seller  aggregator like etc etc … and no dash-haat … we are having our own procurement and production along with farms and farmers … 

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DatepalmJaggery by Purwaaii.Com

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Jaynagarer Moa

All about Moa – Jaynagar Moa The winter special of Bengal

A popular bengali seasonal sweet made out of Kanakchur puffed rice napped in clarified butter, nolen gur (palm date jaggery) produced in Jaynagar, West Bengal

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জয়নগরের মোয়া

অনলাইন কিনতে  পুর্বায়ি ডট কম এ লগ ইন করুন or

The ingredients:

  1. Kanakchur paddy khoi or puffed rice from The paddy variety
  2. Date Palm Jagger or Nolen gur
  3. Clarified Butter or Ghee
  4. Cardamom
  5. Khoa
  6. Sugar
  7. Dry Sultanas
  8. Garnished with Cashew
  9. Pista Badam or Pistachio
More Photos :

জয়নগরের মোয়া

অনলাইন কিনতে  পুর্বায়ি ডট কম এ লগ ইন করুন  or

Nolen Gur

Nolen or Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup

Yes it is  the season of winter food in Bengal , it is  the season when we get  Nolen Gur in Bengal … The season is short and people tend to buy more and more Nolen Gur.

We thank all our customers for placing their order online and hopefully we have met their expectations. Our special thanks to our Team members  who have done excellent work this season. This is our 5th year year  we could device the supply of Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup which was a difficult task all these years. Inspite of problems being faced from the shipping companies we could do well . Shipping companies in Eastern are a big failure due their work culture and lack of professionalism. Thanks to our Farmer cum suppliers from Bashirhaat and Malda and Rajshahi…. who have made things possible.

We came across many customers who are very good and Majority of them are good and enjoy our product .. few have complaints which we look into it  and resolve.

Once again we wish to highlight that #Patali Gur – #Nolen Gur – #Jhola Gur all these products are highly perishable and cannot be stored for the remaining year … Pls buy Online  at

Here are few photographs which shows the extraction of sap … preparation of Plam Tree for Sap and further the production of #patali  Gur


Above – Farmer Climbing the Plam Tree for preparation of sap collection …



Above – Farmer Preparing the Tree for Sap




Above – Collection in Process




Above – After collection of Sap … and brought down from the Tree  …





Above – Removal of dirt and unwanted particles from the Sap…


Patali Gur - Khejur Gur

Above – Large Collection of Sap




Above – After boiling at High Temperature you get … Molasses …




Above – Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup



Nolen gur being poured on Icecream


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Nolen Gur from Bengal

Nolen Gur Online


Nolen Gur Jhola Gur , Palm Syrup or  … Miel de palma whatever you call is queen of all flavor and taste . Its also known to be used in canary Island and in some regions of South America … Surprising . All these days  we knew that its a Bengali product and a Bengali favorite .

Winter is the period when the produce takes place and Bengali people start collection of the same and is used till March . Winter is so special in Bengal in terms of culinary delights it sweet or any other items .


We have been trying to device Nolen Gur / Jhola Gur  for shipping from last few years ..  Finally we have been able to ship it across India .

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Bengal Online – Reopened

Dear Customers ,

We are extremely sorry that we were close . We were under renovation and up-gradation and it has been completed . It took little more than expected . Now we are open and would  serve you better than before . Pls log on to  and shop .
Team – Purwaaii