Khejur Gur

Khejur Gur – Nolen Gur

Patali Gur – Khejur Gur

Jaggery derived from the sap of Date Palm Tree ( Khejur or Khajur Tree ) . The sap is collected from Date palm Tree and its cooked long ( by the confectioners who are basically farmers ) to change its trasparent colour to Burgundy Color and then its allowed to cool and solidify . The solidification process normally takes place in a earthen pot which enhances the flavor and gives longivity to product. Patali gur is a Bengal delicacy and well known to the rest of the World. Its used to infuse flavor and taste to many desserts and also used in many confectionary items. We request our customers not get confused with Palm Jggery ( Palmyara Tree ) . The product we are offering is derived from Date Palm Tree ( Khejur or Khajur )
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