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Nolen Gur

Nolen or Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup

Yes it is  the season of winter food in Bengal , it is  the season when we get  Nolen Gur in Bengal … The season is short and people tend to buy more and more Nolen Gur.

We thank all our customers for placing their order online and hopefully we have met their expectations. Our special thanks to our Team members  who have done excellent work this season. This is our 5th year year  we could device the supply of Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup which was a difficult task all these years. Inspite of problems being faced from the shipping companies we could do well . Shipping companies in Eastern are a big failure due their work culture and lack of professionalism. Thanks to our Farmer cum suppliers from Bashirhaat and Malda and Rajshahi…. who have made things possible.

We came across many customers who are very good and Majority of them are good and enjoy our product .. few have complaints which we look into it  and resolve.

Once again we wish to highlight that #Patali Gur – #Nolen Gur – #Jhola Gur all these products are highly perishable and cannot be stored for the remaining year … Pls buy Online  at http://www.purwaaii.com

Here are few photographs which shows the extraction of sap … preparation of Plam Tree for Sap and further the production of #patali  Gur


Above – Farmer Climbing the Plam Tree for preparation of sap collection …



Above – Farmer Preparing the Tree for Sap




Above – Collection in Process




Above – After collection of Sap … and brought down from the Tree  …





Above – Removal of dirt and unwanted particles from the Sap…


Patali Gur - Khejur Gur

Above – Large Collection of Sap




Above – After boiling at High Temperature you get … Molasses …




Above – Nolen – Jhola Gur – Palm Syrup



Nolen gur being poured on Icecream


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Patali Gur for Last Few Days




As we proceed for the spring , the  production of Patali Gur gets reduced . The production of sweet sap is linked with cold climate . More Cold means more production of the sweet sap and the higher quality of production. The temperature gradually increases and the production gets lesser and stops . We will have to wait  for the next season . …


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Patali Gur - Khejur Gur Buy Patali Gur Or Khejur Gur on Line at www.purwaaii.com
Patali Gur – Khejur Gur
Buy Patali Gur Or Khejur Gur on Line at http://www.purwaaii.com


village shop by purwaaii.com - .jpg

Bengali Online Store – http://purwaaii.com

20140802_12113220140802_12074320140802_122631_DSC0012a1 _DSC0001a_DSC1873a1_DSC0057a1_DSC0014a_DSC0030a_DSC0038a_DSC1038a1_DSC0050a1bag1 (3) The growing consumerism in our subcontinent saw the advent of big names in retailing parlance. We can now pick purple asparagus from Peru from the shelves of our neighborhood gourmet stores. Like Wal-Mart and other Big Giants have separate floor space dedicated to culinary extravaganza. But what is missing in the picture is our own locally grown produce which is also consumed locally. Imagine the thick luscious Date Palm sap (Khejur) which we call Nolen Gur in Bengal. It diminishes the taste and luster of even the finest quality of honey. And it is so flavorful that you can enjoy your Parathas just with it. The list goes long, and due to myriad reasons these delicacies never occupy the super market shelves. Also nobody devised a plan to reach these to a household in Bangalore or Boston. “Purwaaii” saw this opportunity, and would like to bridge this gap. From home made pickles oozing with flavors to mundane objects used in rituals, we are coming with an E-cart full of regional extravaganzas. And the best part is you would not be charged a bomb to enjoy at the peace of you far-away home. From Gastronomy to almost everything “Purwaaii” would select products and would deliver the same. Experience the Bengal at your home.